April 11 Step By Step Guide to Recover Your Gmail Password In Mobiles Sidst udgivet den 11-04-2018

The e-mail has become be the supreme and one of the greatest and the most inexpensive practice of communication which is used in individual as well as in the field of commercial and marketing. It benefits you to keep a relationship with your valued consumers and is a means of informal and formal data transfer. There are many of e-mail service providers in the market but Gmail is one of the chief among them.

There are lots of other service providers in the market place of internet as well but Gmail is most widely used free online email provision run by Google. It gives you designs to benefit all the features of Gmail account like mailing, G-Plus, smart contacts, blogging, phone support and clients like IMAP & POP structure and many other features, which is compatible with other email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird etc. You can contact Gmail customer support numbers who are skilled in providing answers and will diagnose and troubleshoot your email systems. Sometimes the user may face various types of email problems like Gmail password recovery problem, Gmail hacked account problem, forgot Gmail password in mobile problem etc. Here we will discuss Gmail email login problems and its solutions.


The key problem can occur due to numerous reasons. Following possibilities might be possible if you are not able to get into your account:

·         Password is case is written incorrectly.

·         Inactive account or blocked due to some reasons.

·         Servers might be offline or down temporarily.

·         Other problems such as latest password changes.

·         Incorrect entry of username & password

·         Wrong domain selected.

How to resolve these types of irregularities?

Support provided by Google itself is enough for you to guide you through with any types of issues. Apart from that please try these following tricks manually and check if you are able to solve it or not:

Ø  Certain accounts are obstructed due to particular reasons, please check if the account comes in the same situation.

Ø  Please attempt to recall your password if you have changed it recently and put on that password in its place.

Ø  Please type the username and password properly written or not, else try to re-enter it.

Ø  The try to select the correct domain name for your email.

Ø  Kindly check if the internet is working well and similarly the Gmail email servers may be offline due to some repair works. So, one may have to wait and try again after sometime.

Ø  Attempt to recover the password by using the “forgot password” option.

Ø  Confirm if the “caps lock” is on or not.


Don’t hesitate to contact Gmail customer support number and discuss about forgot Gmail password in mobile and ask them for like its password recovery after not getting resolved by the above steps. The support team is keenly waiting for the login problem help. The team is available 24*7 hours and you will get help n support by skilled technician.

April 11 6 Steps For Uninstallation AVG Sidst udgivet den 11-04-2018

AVG antivirus always gives online protection. No one has doubt on its efficiency. But sometimes uninstallation Avg antivirus becomes necessary for the sake of users’ protection. Surprised? Yes, it is true. Sometimes, Avg antivirus failed to give desired protection due to virus attack, missing files and lack of proper up gradation. Most of the users don’t know how it is possible. But if they ask to the Avg expert team they will explain in details that an antivirus can be attacked by the virus too. To remove an infected antivirus, users need to some proper procedures or tool. If they don’t understand then technical team can help them out.

Avg technical team advice the users they can use Avg removal tool. They ask why? Because there is an option to remove this antivirus manually, then Technicians say that manual removal process won’t remove complete files from the system. That’s why it is necessary to use AVG removal tool. Users should check which type of removal tool will go well with their operating systems- 64 bit or 32 bit. If they failed to understand then they can consult with AVG technical team.

Procedure of using removal tool are discussed below in details, users should take glimpse of that-

  •        Firstly, users need to download AVG removal tool from internet.
  •        Then, users need to close all opened programmes and windows before running this tool.
  •        After that, Users need to click on ‘’ yes’’ option and then it will start to reboot.
  •        Next, users need to wait for some time while the removal process is working.
  •        Finally users can close the window by clicking on ‘’finish’’ button.
  •        System will take a restart to save the changes.

If the users failed any trouble during avg uninstallation, then they can talk with the Avg technical team. This team contains only hard working professional. They are active for 24x7 hour basis. There is a toll free number available for the users. It is beyond any limitation- users can call the technicians whenever they want. Technicians have immense patience to attend their phone calls. Users won’t have to worry about the deadline as Avg technicians never fail to meet the deadline. Customized service package is available for those who have limited budget. Technicians never compromise with the quality of the services. They are ready to negotiate. They take very reasonable charges for their services.